It is self-evident that pupils and students with even a minor mental health problem learn less well than those who have no such issues.

So how do we put everyone back on a level playing field?

The resources from Neuro Headway demonstrate the mind/body connection to show the importance of taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally

Each resource focuses on a specific area of mental health and wellbeing such as ‘looking at why we feel how we feel’ and exploring how mental wellness can be improved by understanding how the brain works.

From this point the materials discuss how one can take action to develop appropriate responses to the issues that arise in everyday life.

The resources are information rich and highly visual – many modules have specially created animation clips to tell stories of fictional, relatable characters who achieve better wellbeing outcomes through mindful practices.


Accessing the materials

For our subscribers, the growing library of dedicated resources to support and enhance emotional health and wellbeing, is available to view here. The library of modules is building all of the time and there are over 114 hours’ worth of content, based on a huge amount of different neuroscience subjects, including titles such as: Self-esteem, Mindfulness, Critical Thinking and Logical Thinking, Bullying and Peer Pressure, Individuality and much more.

These resources have been created to be easily integrated within the subjects of PSHE and Science, for use either during curriculum time or in extracurricular activities.

Resources can also be delivered in a small group setting. Within the library, there is also a range of alternative differentiated lesson plans available for gifted and talented pupils.


The resource modules content includes:

  1. PowerPoint Presentations
  2. Corresponding Lesson Plans
  3. Key Vocabulary Lists
  4. ‘Emotive Words’ worksheets for pupils
  5. ‘Observation of Thoughts’ worksheets for pupils
  6. Animation Clips
  7. Reflection Worksheets
  8. Teacher Handouts
  9. Evaluation Assessments for teachers
  10. Spotlight on Higher order thinking


The cost

The NeuroHeadway resources are available through subscriptions to our library at a cost of just £1.50 plus VAT per child, per year.

Each module is then emailed to a designated individual in the school and it can then be used throughout the school without restriction, by all teachers in the school.

The outcome

These exciting modules have been designed to:

  • Improve attention and metacognition for all ages
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity and bad behaviour
  • Improve sleep and concentration
  • Build personal confidence and self esteem
  • Create a sense of calm, relaxation, self-awareness and empathy
  • Help to manage behaviour and emotions – i.e. more self-control and a regulation of emotions