NeuroHeadway supports mental health and wellbeing in schools


How we make a difference for teachers

Working in collaboration with leading neuroscience and psychology experts from around the world, we are developing a growing library of ‘classroom ready’ teaching modules to support mental health and wellbeing for young people aged 7 to 18.
Our modules have been built using leading edge thinking in neuroscience to address mental health and wellbeing issues from anxiety and stress to cyber bullying and from emotional intelligence to how the brain works. All modules are relevant and appropriate for PSHE and cross curricular lessons including maths, history, science, ICT, PE, geography, and languages.
We have created unique and bespoke lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, reflection and observation worksheets and animation videos and placed them at the fingertips of teachers who want to draw on the latest developments in neuroscience to educate, help and support their students.

Neuroscience benefiting education

Research into how the brain works continues at a pace and our view is that over time it will revolutionise teaching practice given that teaching and learning will improve as a result of better understanding of how we think and process thoughts. NeuroHeadway is highly motivated and proud to be working with academics and within the education sector to bring neuroscience academic research into teaching practice and to evidence the learning and life benefits for both teachers and learners.

NeuroHeadway Resources

  • Revolutionary and unique content distilled into classroom ready teaching modules
  • All modules packaged to deliver at least 1 hour teaching time
  • Teachers have instant access the latest neuroscience thought leadership through downloadable teaching resources
  • Saving time for teachers – all content ‘ready to go’
  • Modules provide cross curricular content – perfect for all lessons including PHSE
  • International experts provide content based on their research, professional practice and evidence
  • Cost effective – schools subscribe to our full library for just £1.80 (including VAT) per student per year – that’s less than the price of a decent cup of coffee, per student, per year!
  • Teacher offer – to experience the benefits of NeuroHeadway before you subscribe to the full library, select one module of your choice to use in your classroom for 28 days, completely free of charge, with no obligation. Contact us.

See our library of teaching modules by clicking here.


Sample video clips: